There are several ways to serve the Lord.

  1. We can help others meet the material and physical needs for day to day living in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. We can share the good news and salvation through Jesus Christ.
  3. We can grow the local church, either through spiritual maturity or physical growth.

Whatever way you want to serve, whether it be in the daily functions of the church, fiscally assisting ministries, prayer, or reaching the world through evangelical outreach, do it in the name of Jesus Christ!

Sewing Circle

The Women's Sewing Circle has been an important ministry of Turkey Run. Started during the great depression by Bertha Good Norris, when even church family's struggled to make a living, she and several other women were able to donate money and cloth to make quilts that were then donated to needy folks. The Sewing Circle still continues and many comforters, kits, and bandages have gone to many parts of the world through different relief agencies.


Every Sunday at 10:30 AM is a worship service. Isaac Fisher, being the current worship leader/coordinator, selects volunteers ranging all ages and musical backgrounds to lead the Church in a worship service. With this style of worship leadership you gain a broader range of styles and genres.

Bible School

The first Summer Bible School was held in 1938 and was 2 weeks long. Bible school continues every summer to this day. We have a varying number of local children grades K-10 who come to learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ.


Turkey Run sponsors many missionaries locally and globally. Locally we assisted Bethel Camp in Clayhole Kentucky with a new building for its campers. Through Rosedale Mennonite Missions (RMM) members of Turkey Run have made trips all over the world, including South Africa, Mongolia, Turkey, Somalia, Nepal, and many others.